A seedling team photo, with Hanna, Clare, Zoe, Jesika, Amy, and Anastasia with bright smiles.

About Us

Seedling Art Co. is a mental wellness company made up of passionate individuals who understand the problem space on a personal level.

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Our Values

At Seedling, we value the mental health of our team and community above all else. We aim to practice sustainability both in the enviromental sense and throughout our organization. We promote creativity and a free flow of ideas in all of our projects.

🌧 Mental Health
🌱 Sustainability
🎨 Creativity
🏘 Community

  • Jesika Kula

    Founder & CEO

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  • Zoe Law

    Lead Researcher

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  • Anastasia Kalashnikava


  • Amy Lu

    Lead Designer

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  • Clare Huang


  • Praveeni Balaji

    Social Media Coordinator

  • Sarah W

    Social Media Coordinator

  • Sarah McDonald


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